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Located in Riverside, CA, Essential Bail Bonds has helped countless people get the Bail Money they need and the Freedom they deserve. We will help you through the entire bail process and ensure you or your loved ones are released from custody promptly. Fast, friendly, and affordable Bail Bonds!

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Karla Magana – Owner of Essential Bail Bonds

I have been in the bail industry for 25 years. I work primarily with criminal attorneys. I have an honest and reputable reputation in the industry. Being in this industry I’ve come to realize that bad things happen to good people. That doesn’t always make you a bad person. I’m here to help without judgment. Only compassion, kindness, and concern. I pride myself on professional customer service.

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Bail Bonds for Riverside, surrounding Southern California areas, as well as Nationwide

A judge will set a bail once someone is arrested. Bail is paid to make sure the person who was arrested shows up for their following court appearance. If the arrested party shows up to court when required, the posted bail amount will be released from the courts. We know that being arrested and not being able to make bail on your own can be very stressful.

Whether you, a friend, or a family member can’t afford a bail amount, a bail bond agreement can be entered by the arrested or someone acting for the arrested. The arrested party, aka the defendant, will then be released from custody and must return to their scheduled court date. If they do not appear in court on their scheduled date the bond must be paid in full. Only licensed bail bond companies can issue bonds. Real estate or vehicles can also be collateral in some cases.

Essential Bail Bonds know how essential it is for you to have access to a reliable bail bond company to ensure your loved ones are promptly released from custody. We understand the stress your family could be experiencing emotionally or financially, and that’s why our team of professionals is available 24/7 to answer any of your questions about the bail bond process. We are here to make the process of bailing out your loved one easy, quick, and affordable. Don’t let your loved one spend another night behind bars. Reach out to us today and let us get the bail amount you need!

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